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Antique Rokoko large serving spoon
Silver children spoon
Eva 830 silver napkin ring
Ambrosius 830 silver napkin ring
Silver 1959 serving spoon
Syberg figure candlestick
Glass jar 17.5 cm with hunting motive
14 karat gold bismarck necklace
8 karat gold cufflinks
H C Andersen Klodshans children's fork
A pair of small sterling silver candlesticks
14 karat gold studs with aquamarine
8 karat gold bismarck bracelet
Silver dish Ø. 36 cm
8 karat gold bismarck bracelet
Sterling silver necklace
14 karat gold ring with nice zircon
Royal Copenhagen blue fluted salt box 1/712
PH 4 ceiling lamp
Silver beaker H. 9.5 cm. 830 silver
Horsens Silverware Fabrik carving fork
6 pieces. 830 silver silver buttons
Pokal glass H 28 cm. Kastrup Glassware
Berlinoir pokal glass
A pair of 830 silver candlesticks
Danish stamped brass strainer
Georg Jensen sterling silver cactus cake forks
Lars Syberg salt and pepper figure
Kugle sukker spoon
Herman Siersbøl sterling silver cufflinks
830 silver napkin ring
Lotus tartel spade
14ct gold anchor bracelet
Bjørn Wiinblad collects decanter
German porcelain candlesticks
Saving box
Coral necklace
N E From sterling silver neckring
Höganäs ceramic floor vase
Sterling silver bracelet
Sterling silver necklace and pendant
14 karat 585 gold ring with aquamarin
Syberg table clock
14 karat gold ring with amethyst
14 karat gold brooch with genuine pear
Sterling silver bracelet
Sterling silver with gold tie needle
Silversmith Egon Holmgur Necklace Sterling Silver
A Gennarelli 1881-1943 art deco sculpture of woman
Sterling silver bracelet with amber
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